We have a library of projects we have developed over the years. These are just some of the examples of how you can utilize technological applications to help you reach your business goals.

Custom Document Management Software Database for Animal Tracing

Client: Wisconsin Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Health

With an online animal tracing software database designed by TriShulla, the division of animal health can quickly find certificates of veterinary inspections for animals from decades of archived records. This is helpful in the event the department needs to notify animal owners or other state agencies should there be a disease breakout or other related issue.

Custom Content Management System for a Law Firms


TriShulla Technology designed, developed and maintains a custom back end content management system (CMS) for a Wisconsin Law firm rated top by Best Lawyers publication. The site allows staff people to update websites with no hassle.


Mapping Software as a Service (SaaS) for Real Estate Industry Forclosures

Client: Forclosure Alarm for attorneys, mortgage brokers, realtors

We utilized Google maps for to show the locations of foreclosed properties versus looking at rows of data. Businesses can use this same idea to generate custom consumer profile reports, determine location profitability which can be evaluated by county, streets, census tract, visual demographics etc.

Twitter Application for business professionals in Madison, Wisconsin

Client: In My Backyard

In my Backyard is a social media extension application. TriShulla's contribution to the project was the creation of a platform that integrated local networking and microblogging services for Madison, WI business professionals. The company utilized Google maps, Ruby on Rails (RoR) to deliver mapping features that show services at a zip code level as well as precise locations for events, gigs, or members who want to advertise their location via twitter.


Geospatial ArcIMS Database Application for private business

Client: Ramaker & Associates, Engineering company (B2B)

We were hired as a trusted partner to re-engineer this software application. The software is marketed to cemetery owners and churches that use it to lay out burial plots by availability status, location and name. GIS mapping capability was used to re-build this custom software application.

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3D Visualization for Surveying and Engineering

Client: R.A. Smith National, Inc.

Engineers utilize our services to transform 2-D to 3-D, making what was a flat drawing into full-blown animated previews. Prior to investing in a new construction project, these visually-rich applications allow clients to see and experience a realistic 3D rendered architectural walk through of their site. These virtual tours are used by interior designers, general contractors and engineers to market their services and engage potential buyers.

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Software as a Service (SaaS) for Law Industry

Client: Circuit Court Pro for Wisconsin Attorneys

The client utilized our IT services to develop an application that would provide relevant, real-time industry specific data. Lawyers subscribe as part of an email, relationship marketing effort where they share new, industry information to their newsletter subscribers and acquire more referrals as a result.


eCommerce Storefront

Client: Indian Grocery & Spice selling of variety of Indian products and groceries

TriShulla designed and developed the first release of this internet grocery store showcasing a variety of Indian products and groceries. Backend ecommerce admin window was designed to allow for easy updates, inventory management, shipping notification and other features that make the supply chain more efficient. Opened in year 2000, this is now largest online Indian store. TriShulla can create custom ecommerce applications or take existing or add functionality to existing platforms.


ERP software application for Building Manufactures

Client: Structural DesignSoft, Inc, Software Application Company (B2B)

DesignSoft packages and sells structural software to steel building manufacturers. Our task was to develop and maintain a custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application. The software program would be used by steel building manufacturing companies to present a preview of the design and cost estimation of steel buildings. The web-based solution captures building parameters and fully processes and automates repetitive engineering jobs from material estimation to delivery. The system generates several reports including weight-cost summary and detailed CAD drawings.

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Custom Facebook Applications for Food Manufacturer

Client: Kangaroo Brands

TriShulla created and maintains a social networking fan page that leverages the power of this popular social media platform. It includes custom interactive facebook applications, one of which is a coupon module, an incentive style marketing initiative that boosts their website traffic, attracts and retains customers while reinforcing their top of mind awareness via this social media network.

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GIS Mapping for Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program

Client: Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs Division of Emergency Management

Our mission was to develop a custom GIS mapping software system to identify nuclear power plants and to develop and maintain Wisconsin's emergency response maps in the event of a nuclear incident. The nuclear power plants located in Wisconsin are Kewaunee and Point Beach. The Prairie Island Plant is located across the Mississippi River near Red Wing, Minnesota. The program produces giant maps that they keep readily available by posting on the wall.

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City Building Permit and Building Code Enforcement Software Application

Client: City of Williams Bay, Wisconsin

The village of Williams Bay, Wisconsin needed an updated software system that tracked and managed building code permits. TriShulla made the existing system into a more intuitive, flexible and scalable tracking system for issuing and managing city permits, inspections, parcels and owner information. The system offers municipal governments the advanced ability to create and manage all types of permits and to assign and schedule inspections.

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Gratitude-Support Our Troops Event

Client: Kapco Inc. a Metal Stamping and Fabrications company in Grafton Wisconsin

TriShulla created a website for Hometown Heroes Day, an event sponsored by Kapco Inc. to support Veterans and families.

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Emergency Operation Center (EOC) Map Viewer

Client: Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs Division of Emergency Management

TriShulla was contracted as sole source provider for this EOC application -- a contract that has to be approved by the Governor. Our company designed, developed and supported a software application hosted within Wisconsin EOC to visualize and analyze information related to emergency planning, response, recovery and risk management. Several custom, user-friendly mapping tools were used including geo-coding, buffering, reporting, and Plume Modeling. Should a catastrophic event occur, the system can tell you �everything available within 5 miles� 

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IT Staffing and IT Services

Client: Wisconsin Department of Financial Institution Division of Administrative Services and Technology

This example showcases TriShulla�s ability to bring in an entire IT team to support State government system. For several years, Trishulla has augmented this IT consulting staff, developing and maintaining agency-wide IT applications and associated infrastructure. The company is currently providing a consulting team including: Project Managers, Software Engineers, System Architects, Network Administrators, and Help Desk.

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